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TempLogic Solutions brings modern infrastructure and know-how to the food service industry. Especially in times of an ailing economy and shrinking margins, having the right logistics partner means greater concentration on your core tasks, lower costs, and therefore more success for your company.

Our owned and operated temperature controlled distribution centers and refrigerated trucks are tailor-made to offer an all-in-one service model. The result is greater efficiency lower costs, and more time saved. Most importantly your deliveries arrive exactly where and when they are needed- perfectly fresh and in top quality.

TempLogic has the capability to track and monitor your inventory-not just physically, but qualitatively as well. We monitor important factors such as sell-by dates, traceability, and product quality. And of course, we keep an ever-watchful eye on the temperature of your goods. Our warehouse team and drivers will check the temperatures inside the cold rooms or vehicles throughout the entire stay or journey.

During all unloading and loading operations, your goods are subject to strict quality control procedures as part of TempLogic's Quality Inspection Program and the HACCP (Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Point) protocols. Our systems and procedures impact you positively by protecting your goods and your brand. With TempLogic as your logistics partner, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the products reaching your customers' plates have been handled with care.