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Cold Chain is expensive, risky, and highly specialized. Rather than investing in or operating your existing cold stores, which are costly, non-revenue generating operations- allow TempLogic to relieve you from such tasks so you can focus more on your products and company strategy. Whether you have your own outlets or have your perishable products for sale via retailers, with TempLogic, your products' cold chain has never been simpler. In the case of an FMCG manufacturer, TempLogic's logistics center serves as the ideal finished goods refrigerated warehouse. From your processing factory, either you or TempLogic can arrange for the primary transportation to our facility. Given our strategic location in Karachi and proximity to major consumer areas, you now have the ability to handle piecemeal deliveries to your outlets cost effectively. Our facility can serve as your regional distribution center providing easy access to your wholesalers and distributors, thus relieving them from the hassles of maintaining a cold chain.

Allowing TempLogic to be your logistics partner means you now have greater control and management of your inventory, product visibility and traceability, cost efficiency, quicker response time to market demand, and quality handling and storage. With TempLogic you can be assured that your products will reach the retail shelves with their quality in tact.