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Cold Chain and Logistics in Pakistan

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TempLogic Solutions brings an innovative approach to cold storage infrastructure, refrigerated warehousing, and the
perishable supply chain in Pakistan

Why TempLogic Solutions

Leading companies in retail, food-service, food distribution and health care are committed to ensure product quality, cold chain integrity, and supply chain efficiency. TempLogic strengthens that commitment by bringing cold chain expertise, consistency, reliability and professionalism.

With the advantage of the best cold storage and logistics infrastructure and equipment, local knowledge, and a physical presence at strategic locations, TempLogic can provide individual solutions for customers by eliminating redundancy, creating efficiencies, reducing cost and ABOVE ALL creating value in their supply chain and operations.

TempLogic Solutions Logistics

Logistics & Distribution

TempLogic improves supply chain efficiency and reduces supply chain expenses where they are greatest – in the area of transportation.

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